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TapPlace, an iPhone application documented by some screencasts

It has been a long time since I last wrote on this blog. Please let me introduce the upcoming iPhone app that kept me busy, and try to explain why it took so long.

Learning Cocoa

I've wanted to learn how to program for the Mac for some years now. I first started to learn Cocoa indirectly by trying to teach the basics of the Cappuccino Web framework through my Cappuccino Casts. I love improving my knowledge by trying to teach it to whoever is interested.

The more I familiarized with Cocoa, the more I wanted to learn it, it is such a well-thought-out framework. I then read books, watched screencasts and attended the 2009 and 2010 editions of the Apple WWDC (which were invaluable sources of motivation and knowledge). It took time, I learned a lot, and still have so much to learn. This is really exciting.

An app idea

I had this idea of a simple yet handy application that would allow me to get started quickly. There's nothing like a real project to put what you learned into practice! What I learned from the Cappuccino Casts is that when you know you're about to release and explain your code to the world, you tend to write better code which benefits both to you and to people interested in learning something from you. Since I love screencasts I thought it was a good idea to develop my first iPhone app and to document the development process with some (upcoming) screencasts.


I really appreciate good design, but I'm a developer, not a designer. I had the chance to meet a talented designer and while we were chatting about our desire to make a kick ass app, I exposed him my project and I was lucky enough that he was as excited as I was about it.

Available soon

I'll keep you posted about the advancement of the project and the screencasts on this blog. You can also follow @tapplace or leave your email address here.